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Art is expression. It's impetus is the origin of that expression - the creation of an image. It's being is the reception of this image and can take infinite forms, each distinguished by the perspective taken by the receiver. Ultimately, it's what it means to you that gives it new existence. We can all bring images into the world, but it is the skill and ability to communicate them to others that makes an artist.

The Image Creation Corporation is dedicated to the concepts and ideas that make us different - the sort of things that set us apart from other creatures. For better or for worse, we as humans are capable of creating something from nothing, questioning what appears to be rigid boundaries, populating other worlds, visualising places that only exist in our minds.

This inspiration is, or enables, the ability to question fact. Why is it that way? What makes it that way? Does it have to stay that way?

Thought produces ideas, and what may seem to others to be an impossible connection, is made real with that initial spark that appears from nowhere.

This is where the Image Creation Corporation resides, and we welcome everyone to join us here and share your ideas and inspirations.

Whether or not these ideas prove to be useful, the important link is in creativity, without which there would be nothing.

Once the idea is born, an artist will nurture and sculpt an idea into something truly unique. Ultimately, it is these skills that set them apart from the rest, and provide a quintessential quality that creativity provides, and artistry seeks to celebrate.

When something truly beautiful exists, there is always an artist involved.

It's the result of this creativity and artistry that we see all around us, not just in books, plays, music, art, films, but in all aspects of human existence. It can be expressed in many different ways, and it is inherent in all of us. The great thing is that in creating something of our own, we can inspire others to do the same, and make the world richer for us all.

The Image Creation Corporation attempts to take inspiration from all this, and let it manifest itself in our music and pay respect to it in other's.

Over the coming months, we want to share that inspiration and creativity through music reviews old and new, mixes, demos, pictures, quotes and links.

Plus we'll let you know what's on our event agenda, and in the summer we'll be sharing our festival diaries.

The sites will cover a worldwide range of musical styles and flavours - from jazz, funk, soul and hip hop, beats and breaks, to ambient soundscapes, techno and electro. Whatever your interest, we'll aim to provide you with what you need - and hopefully give you a chance to catch up on what you might have missed.

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